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Finish Carpentry vs Architectural Woodwork

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Are you currently building a house? A surprising fact is that many new architects and carpenters do not know their basics today. They don’t know or understand the difference between finish carpentry and architectural woodwork. In this short article, we will tell you the precise difference between the two.

Finish Carpentry

To understand this, you need to keep the words “finishing touches” in mind. Everything you do after the basic structure of the home or constructing a building is known as finish carpentry. After the house is wired, plumbed, and fully built, it still remains a construction site and not a home to live in. Finish carpentry projects include installation of doors and windows, installation of wood flooring, and installation of cabinets, etc.

If you’re the homeowner, you may choose to do these projects yourself. However, for the best results, it’s best to use the services of a professional finish carpenter.

Architectural Woodwork

After the basic structure is built, this additional architectural woodwork is left exposed so that people can see it. It can include customized cabinets, shelves, paneling, staircases, and doors. Moreover, architectural woodwork is a creative process and often involves the architect designing the project from scratch and then completing it by hand. It is the custom woodwork requested by homeowners, specifically tailored to their needs.

If you hire architectural woodworking professionals, they will know all the intricate cuts and designs you need to make your wood look fantastic

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the difference between finish carpentry and architectural woodwork, it’s time to take action. Capital City Millwork are experts in commercial and residential woodworking. If you need any architectural support or help in your woodworking projects, contact us now!