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Woodworking Trends to Watch in 2021

Residential and Commercial Building Materials

Wood is a powerful resource that civilization has been using since the beginning of time. It is a very important element in today’s commercial or residential building market. As we move through 2021, it is crucial that you know about the woodworking trends to look out for this year. In this short guide, we have put together the top woodworking trends for 2021.

Wood Tones

The year 2021 is for natural and light wood tones. Natural wood tones mean that the original beauty of the wood will be visible. In light wood tones, red oak, white oak, and maple are generally the best options and give the most modern looks. For more information about the various wood tones and species available, click here.

Color Contrasting

If the walls and flooring in your bedroom are white, you’ll probably want to go with a darker shade of wood for your furniture. Color contrasting is one of the biggest trends of this year. Choosing the right contrasting wood color can add a level of depth and richness to any room.

Woodworking Styles

This year, people are not lagging behind in styling their wood furniture. Most woodwork pieces utilize contrasting tones and are coated with an elegant finish. For the most part, homeowners these days prefer modern styles, but antique looks still have a place in the hearts of some.

Custom Millwork Expertise

Capital City Millwork can provide the expertise to help you on your next commercial or residential building project. We also provide a large selection of domestic and exotic woods for you to choose from. Feel free to stop by the showroom or reach out if you have any questions.