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Skills You Should Have Learned in High School Wood Shop

Wood Shop Skills

Are you planning on building a new home? Home construction requires a lot of custom woodwork. Once you discover the quality wood products offered by Capital City Millwork, you will need to know what to do with those products. There are so many ways to customize your home’s woodwork. But it is important to have the skill set to do it. Just for fun, we have come up with a list of skills that you should have learned in high school wood shop.

Understand How Wood Works

It is essential to learn how wood “works”, such as orientation (which direction you should work with wood), hardness factors and the expansion and contraction properties of each wood species.

How to Sharpen Tools

Something my grandfather always said, “You gotta have the right tools.” You must take care of them too. In woodworking, a sharp tool is a useful tool. Using dull tools will only make the project more difficult and the results may not be so great. Knowing how to sharpen tools such as saws, planes, and chisels is essential.

How to Use a Hand Plane

Using a hand plane looks relatively easy. But there is more to it than it looks. There are many things to consider like bladed types, cut levels (coarse or fine) and even grain direction of the wood.

How to Join 2 Pieces of Wood

Most projects involve more than one piece of wood. Knowing how to put two pieces of wood together is an important skill. A mortise and tenon joint is a joint that has been used for centuries and is one of the most basic techniques you should know. Another technique that is a bit more advanced is making dovetail joints. They’re used to join corners of wood boards and make boxes.


Once your project is complete, there is one more step that you need to know. If you want to give your work an appealing look and provide a layer of protection at the same time, then you must know the art of finishing.