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Must-Have Tools for Woodworking

Woodworking Tools

Most woodworkers have a few large machine tools, some smaller ones and some must-have hand tools. The kind of tools a woodworker must have depends on the type of woodwork they do, how much money they spend on it, and how much space they have. However, before we get into the must-have tools you should have for woodworking, let’s discuss what you should do before spending money on new woodworking tools.

Before you spend any more money on woodworking tools, take notice of your existing tools and their functions. Some of your existing tools can probably do the same job as the tool you are about to purchase. Furthermore, make sure you read the reviews of the tools before buying them.

Now that you know what to do before purchasing new tools, let’s talk about the must-have tools for woodworking.

Carpenter’s Square

This must-have tool is pretty cheap. It helps you make corners easily on wood projects such as bookcases, tables, chairs, and others.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a tool that every woodworker must have. It is very portable, and you can use it in many ways, making it a versatile addition to your tool inventory. A circular saw is particularly useful when you need to cut large boards to size before moving them.

Table Saw

This must-have tool is one of the first tools that most woodworkers acquire. The table saw is a multi-functional asset, providing the ability to cut board sheets and woods and make joints too! It is best to look for an advanced model with a cast iron table and wings.


A hammer might seem obvious, but it is a definite must-have for woodworking. A good quality hammer is generally stronger, has better grips, causes less fatigue, and lasts for a long time.


This must-have tool provides the much needed support you’ll need when working your way around a project. A stable saw horse can make even the toughest projects seem just a little easier.


Every woodworker must invest in quality tools to produce quality work. Woodworkers create useful and long-lasting pieces for customers. To do so, one must include these must-have tools in their workshops.