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Knowledge of Millwork Materials

custom mouldings

Millwork is any woodwork that has been produced commercially in a mill. This type of woodwork generally includes finished products installed with ease, with very little modification in the construction process, for either residential or commercial applications. Also, millwork can include the creation of sections of lumber that are used in the construction process.

It is pretty standard for buildings to contain some type of millwork. Lumber is used to construct houses and other buildings and specific, custom features used in that construction. These features include window casings, door frames, crown molding, and much more. Furthermore, millwork also includes decorative design elements such as custom moulding or mantels around fireplaces.

You can make millwork from common woods such as pine and oak. However, it can also include:

  • Fir
  • Poplar
  • Hickory
  • Maple

Examples of Millwork

Another example of custom millwork includes the decorative trim used along baseboards or as the design of a chair rail. This type of custom woodwork can be plain, have intricate, attractive beadwork, grooves, or engraving to enhance its look.

Although these trims are usually included in the design plan from the beginning, they can be added later on, to change or update the look of your home.

Often times, kitchen and bathroom cabinets also fall under the category of millwork, as well as, custom wooden blinds and shutters.


In the past, millwork was implied to be building materials and elements made of wood only. However, because of the widely accepted use of synthetic materials, many consider items with a combination of wood and synthetic elements to be millwork as well.

The quality of millwork depends entirely on the choice of raw materials and how carefully it has been created. Capital City Millwork uses only the finest domestic or exotic wood species in creating our millwork products.