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How to Care for Your Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture Care

Rustic wooden furniture and wooden products bring a natural feel and beauty into a living space. However, furniture made from solid wood is not quite as indestructible as its reputation would suggest. Wooden furniture is sensitive to dust, water and other external influences leading to deterioration over time.

Below is some advice on proper care for your wooden furniture to make it last longer.

Use the Right Oil for Wooden Furniture

Wood should not be treated with just any kind of oil because not every oil is suitable for custom wood products. Edible oils remain soft, become rancid (start to stink!) and do not dry out completely. Alternatively, there are specific oils from retail specialists that are mixed with substances that allow them to harden. Sunflower, rapeseed, olive or walnut oils are ideal for everyday items such as wooden cutting boards. Frequent use and regular rinsing do not have any side effects when the item is treated correctly.

Varnish is Smooth and Impermeable

You can create a very fine and smooth finish with varnish, which also results in a hard-wearing surface. Compared to the oil, a varnish surface forms a closed film so the wood cannot absorb water. Cleaning is easier compared to oiled and waxed furniture, as the dirt does not adhere as well to the smooth varnish. Another advantage of the varnish – the grain and color of the wood are clearly emphasized and shine very intensely.

Fix Heat Spots with Heat

If you place a hot bowl or a freshly filled coffee cup on a dark glazed, or waxed surface, you risk a light stain appearing that is difficult to remove. While this may sound counter-intuitive, the simplest solution is heat. The best way to do this is with a hair dryer. Hold the hair dryer on the affected area at a very short distance for a few minutes. More times than not, the stain disappears.

Protection with Some Shine

Varnish stays on the surface of the wood and oil penetrates deep into the layers. But wax only penetrates the surface of the wood. After application, the wax becomes solid and ultimately hardens into a protected layer. The color and structure of the wood are not impacted, and the surface appears glossy.


There are many ways to keep your wooden furniture protected and beautiful. All it takes is a little bit of effort and know -how, and you will be on your way. If you need any further tips or advice, contact Capital City Millwork. We will be happy to help.