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DIY Woodworking Projects for Your Holiday Season

DIY Christmas Crafts

Just in time for Christmas! These woodworking projects are a great way to spread the holiday cheer. The only thing better than hanging Christmas decorations is making your own and proudly displaying them! These Christmas projects will appeal to anyone who is looking for innovative crafting ideas or for easy DIY Christmas gifts.

Twig Tree Ornament

Twig Christmas Trees
Make a magnificent show out of regular twigs! These decorations are ideal as a gift for family and friends.

Simple Wooden Christmas Card Display

Wooden Card Display
Try this basic style for another Christmas card display idea that will work in any space.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Paleette Wood Christmas Tree
With this creative pallet idea, you can also have a tree outside. Don’t forget about the star at the top!

Wooden Advent Calendar

Wooden Advent Calendar
Create your advent calendar with this DIY board covered in cards filled with personalized messages.

Wood Block Santa Claus

Wood Block Santa
This adorable woodblock Santa is a wonderful Christmas craft for your children.


Capital City was happy to bring you some of the most decorative custom woodworking ideas for this Christmas. The nicest part about these ideas is that they will last for many Christmases to come because they’re made of wood. Now, go get busy creating!