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Custom Millwork Benefits & Industry Trends

Custom millwork includes custom cabinets and doors that incorporate functionality and personality to your space. Millwork products are purchased mainly by residential and commercial building contractors, wholesalers, and retail outlets. To help you better understand custom millwork, let’s take you through its benefits and industry trends.

Custom Millwork Benefits

There are many benefits that custom millwork brings to homes and office buildings, such as:

  • Custom millwork is not as expensive. Customers can express their creativity in a cost-effective manner. The customer can get each piece customized, such as stair railings and fireplace mantels. They can include the design features they desire.
  • Custom millwork can complement construction and design elements together. Once the product is finished, it will match the rest of the space, color schemes, and other features.
  • Custom millwork done by a professional with significant experience, will result in better functionality and a more polished appearance than other types of woodwork.

Custom Millwork Industry Trends

Custom millwork has become increasingly popular in today’s residential and commercial projects. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also are accommodating to technological needs. Some trends in the millwork industry are as follows:

  • Windows and custom doors are very much in demand. They account for 47% of the industry’s revenue. Some trending items include door units, door frames, sashes, and window frames.
  • People prefer the natural appeal of wood for their homes and office spaces. Darker shades of wood are trending in the custom millwork industry. This type of millwork complements sleek and straightforward designs and gives the area a warmer tone.
  • Custom millwork can accommodate many technical aspects of commercial design. Clients that work in commercial buildings tend to look for woodwork featuring panels that can conceal hidden occupancy sensors and conference tables that allow them to plug in devices. Furthermore, you can also craft custom millwork to enable LED lighting fixtures.


If you want to add personality to a place, Capital City Millwork will provide quality options for you to choose from. Not only can we customize the woodwork to be sleek and modern, but we can also add many of your custom design ideas, to match the rest of your space.

Capital City Millwork provides the highest quality millwork that keeps up with the industry trends!