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Best Wood Options for Your Kitchen

kitchen remodel wood options

Wood has been one of the most used materials for years because of its versatility and durability. You can use solid wood for furniture or tables or simply use veneer over MDF and save on costs. With one of the most popular rooms of the house being your kitchen, using a high quality wood for finishing and cabinets would truly enhance the look and feel. There are many great quality wood products that can bring out the look of any kitchen better than any other material.

Here is a listing of 4 quality wood types and a brief description.

1. Cerezo

Cerezo wood

This type of wood comes from the Cerezo tree – hence the name.  It is located in southern Europe and Asia. Being one of the most delicate and expensive woods, it is perfect for carved and curved furniture. The color varies between deep red and reddish brown. Cerezo grain is straight, fine and uniform, with a smooth texture. If you like strong colors and you want your kitchen furniture to stand out, it is the best option for you. This choice mixes well with ochre or neutral colors.

2. Birch

Birch Wood

Birch varies in color between yellowish-white or orange-white. The grain is straight but in some cases, it may be wavy with some small knots. If you are looking for a choice with little to no wood grain, this is the perfect option. Birch grain seems almost smooth and very clean.  It never goes out of style, lightening up any room. Birch is one of the most used woods in the building industry.

3. Aliso

Aliso Wood

Aliso does not refer to one certain tree. Rather the name covers several shrubs and trees of the genus Alnus. It is obtained from several species, including black alder, gray and red alder, all native to the northern hemisphere. When Aliso is cultivated from trees, its grain is straight and fine. However, if it comes from wild shrubbery the grain will be irregular and thorny. The color varies from light brown to deep orange or reddish brown, changing when exposed to oxygen.

4. Oak

Oak Wood

Oak is one of the favorite woods of most home owners. It has a dark brown color and comes from a tree of the same name. Oak is known for its durability and resistance to humidity. This wood type is very popular in residential construction. But it is used in building large barricades and in shipbuilding. The rustic and modern style of oak makes this wood ideal for your home – especially your kitchen because of its moisture-resistant nature.


There are many material options to consider for your kitchen remodel. High-quality wood products will give your kitchen a classic and cozy touch and provide durability and style that lasts.