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All You Need to Know About the Woodworking Industry

Millwork Woodworking Facts

Carpentry, joinery, wood turning, wood carving, sculpting, and cabinetry are just some of the activities included in woodworking art. Woodworking is defined as the skill of shaping wood or pieces of wood into useful or decorative items. The practice of woodworking has existed for millennia. Along with clay and stone, wood was one of the first natural materials used by early humans.

In modern times, woodworking is used to craft several essential items such as cabinets, drawers, cupboards, tables, tabletops, and decorative items such as wood structures, sculptures, candle racks, globes, chessboards, and stump tables. Below are some of the facts that describe the woodworking industry in the United States.

How Big is the Woodworking Industry?

With the demand for furnished wood products ever-increasing, the woodworking industry has seen significant growth in the past few decades. According to Statista, woodworking employed 434,900 people out of the total 955,400 in the forest product industry in 2018.

The woodworking industry contributes a major chunk into the United States GDP. According to research, the US wood products market was valued at $258.5 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach a staggering $291.3 billion by the year 2024.

Different Types of Wood Used

Woodworking involves the mastery over several different types of woods available throughout the world. Woods are generally classified into three basic categories:

  • Hardwoods – woods derived from dicot trees. Musical instruments, furniture, boat building, construction, flooring, and tools are some of the applications of hardwood. Some of the common hardwoods used for carpentry and furniture are:
    • Ash
    • Cherry
    • Oak
    • Mahogany
    • Birch
    • Maple
  • Softwoods – woods derived from gymnosperm trees. 80% of the world’s timber production is from softwoods. Some of the common softwoods used for carpentry and furniture are:
    • Cedar
    • Pine
    • Fir
  • Secondary woods – plywood and Medium Density Fireboards (MDF) are examples of man-made woods

Where Do We Get the Wood From?

With around 8 percent of the total global wood exports, the United States is one of the world’s biggest producers of hardwood. The biggest buyer of the US lumber products over the past decade has been China amounting to an estimated 25% of all the US lumber exports.

Even though Alaska boasts the largest forested land area in the United States, Oregon has remained the number one timber producer. Providing 5.2 billion board feet, Oregon accounts for 16 percent of the country’s softwood production.

Final Word

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the lives of all of us, businesses have suffered a considerable blow. Fortunately, the woodworking industry has remained operational throughout these rough times and continues to thrive unfazed. With the booming construction industry and the rising demand for finished wood products, the woodworking industry is expected to rise annually at 2.4 percent till 2023.

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