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Woodworking Trends That Will Shape 2022

2022 Custom Millwork Trends

2022 is set to be an exciting year for woodworking, with a huge focus on interiors and our home environment. Given the circumstances of the last year or two, we spent more time at home than ever, and customers are becoming increasingly inspired by furniture that is multi-functional, sustainable, and unique. Here are a few other trends that will shape the woodworking industry in 2022.

Customers Will Buy Less but Better

One third of US shoppers intend to buy less in 2022, leading customers to think a little harder about the durability and quality of the custom woodwork or wooden furniture they are considering buying. The trend to repair rather than replace will continue as well into the new year.

This preference for quality over price has also paid off financially for many customers this year. In a recent survey, a sizable majority of customers in the U.S. reported that they feel they save money in the long run, when making decisions based on quality over price.

Embracing Natural Materials

Buyers are leaning towards purchasing Eco-friendly natural materials instead of synthetic products. Rattan, cane, and other natural materials have made a resurgence in home woodwork and furnishings, and the shift in focus on sustainability is destined to become a way of life rather than just another interior trend. While trend continues, people will lean towards using locally sourced wood products to minimize their environmental impact.

Custom-Built Furniture

Customers will continue to be drawn towards hiring custom millwork and woodworking artists to create home decor accents and furniture that is one-of-a-kind and that reflects the character of their home or building. These items are frequently turned into high-quality heirlooms, which both producers and purchasers hope will be passed down through the generations.


Sustainability and the shifting consumer behavior will become the key drivers in the custom millwork and woodworking industry. Regardless of the trends that may shape the woodworking industry in 2022, Capital City Millwork will always be a step ahead with our industry innovations in residential home and commercial building woodwork.