Manufacturers include:

Deckscape – Iron Exterior Balusters

Bring the elegance of wrought iron to your backyard deck or patio with Deckscape exterior iron balusters. Coated in a Superior 5 Step Anti-Corrosion Phosphate Dip with Satin Black All-Weather Powder Coating, these balusters can withstand the elements of weather and come with a 10 year limited warranty. Pass up using plain wood posts in your deck this year and install iron balusters instead. Not only do they last longer, but they give your deck the elegant styling you’ve been looking for.

Deckscape exterior iron balusters go through a superior 5 step anti-corrosion dip. This is necessary to keep the balusters protected from the elements that could cause rust. Once rust forms on the iron, it can easily spread and destroy the balusters. Many companies claim their balusters can be used outdoors but none of them use a phosphate dip. After the phosphate dip is applied, it is then hit with an all-weather satin black powder coat. This powder coating will add further protection and it can withstand extreme cold and heat. With proper care, these exterior balusters can last for many years.