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Flexible Mouldings

With over 4,000 molds and profiles available, Capital City Millwork is an excellent source for Polyurethane Flexible Moulding.  Flexible mouldings are made of a hard, yet flexible, resin that can be curved to fit around radius contours and shapes.  When it comes to adding crown to a dome ceiling, putting base around a circular stair case, finishing an oval window with casing, or building a gazebo in your backyard, flexible mouldings are the easy way to add beauty to those projects. 

In addition to the 4,000 current profiles, new molds are being made daily.  And custom profiles are easily created, requiring only two quality seven foot pieces of material, to be used as samples.  Stock profiles ship within a couple of days, and custom orders generally take less than two weeks to complete.

Unlike polyester flexible mouldings, polyurethane composite mouldings are a higher quality, more durable and offer more flexibility.  They do not shrink in the manufacturing process and will not absorb moisture.  It is also not affected by heat or cold, which makes it an excellent product for exterior use.

Conventional woodworking tools can be used with this material, no special tools are needed.  Remove the material from the shipping box and allow it to relax prior to installation.  Use construction adhesive continuously on the backside and nails to secure the moulding in place until the adhesive bonds. Do not use staples, and keep nails to a minimum (no closer than 6” between nails).  Do not nail closer than 3/8” from the edge of the moulding.

Flexible mouldings can be painted and some profiles have a wood grain texture that can be stained, using a gel stain. 

There are no minimum orders and no project too large. Whether you need a simple piece of flexible shoe mold or a hundreds of feet of radius crown, Capital City Millwork is your source for any project requiring flexible mouldings.

  • Strong and durable.
  • Accepts paint.  Or any profile with a wood grain texture can be stained using a gel stain. 
  • Flexible to accommodate almost any radius.
  • Thousands of profiles available, with new profiles added daily. 
  • Custom profiles can easily be made.
  • Quick lead time.
  • Does not absorb moisture, can be used outside.
  • Not affected by heat or cold.
  • Does not shrink in the manufacturing process. 
  • No special tools required, conventional woodworking tools are used for installation.