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Heritage Raised Panels

Capital City Millwork offers Heritage Raised Panels; a revolutionary new product for homes, offices, and commercial buildings which offer the elegant beauty of historic raised panels at an affordable cost compared to traditional raised paneling.

Founded in 2003, Heritage Raised Panels has developed patent-pending technology that allows the design and manufacturing of custom raised paneling systems for any room. There are a wide range of Products to choose from. The unique manufacturing Process creates beautiful custom raised paneling that is perfectly balanced for each room. Installation is quick &easy. Orders can be processed within 2-4 weeks of field measurements. Our unique raised paneling offers savings of30-50% versus traditional raised panels. The product has gained rapid market acceptance. It is recommended and used by many of the top home builders,contractors, architects, and interior designers in the area.

Heritage Raised Panels Offer Three Distinctive Benefits:

Distinctive Elegance

  • Timeless beauty of classic design
  • Custom made for each room providing “perfect” balance of panels
  • Decorative alternative to drywall that transforms the look of a room
  • Interlocking panels with no visible fasteners and virtually invisible seams
  • Easy to decorate,pre-primed for final finish


  • Manufactured from wood composite for structural stability
  • Won’t crack, split, or separate like traditional raised panels
  • More durable than drywall
  • Easy to repair if nicked or dinged


  • Requires much less lab or to install than traditional raised panels or drywall
  • Can save up to 50%versus traditional raised panels