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Exotic Woods

Capital City Millwork has access to over 60 exotic wood species, from Acacia to Ziricote and everything in between, including Cocobolo Rosewood.  These prized woods are often purchased for crafting cabinets, flooring inlays, or heirloom furniture.  Other creations include jewelry boxes, pepper mills, bowling balls, walking sticks, bowls, kitchen utensils, rolling pins, cutting boards, ornaments, jewelry and even beads.

Cocobolo Rosewood is one of the most utilized exotic woods.  It is a tropical hardwood from Central America.  Its natural oils repeal moisture, making it an outstanding choice to be used for gun grips and knife handles.   Because of its beauty other common uses are police nightsticks, pens, musical instruments, and inlay work for cue sticks.

Our recent showroom remodel here, at Capital City Millwork, has given us the space to showcase a sampling of these woods, even a few exotic burls & natural edge slabs.  These slab pieces come in various sizes from just a few inches, up to lengths over 16’ long.  We’ve seen them be used as table tops, headboards and a background to a family tree display.

Don’t just think of Capital City Millwork as your source for Poplar, Red Oak, Cherry or Maple.  Be sure to choose something unique such as Blue Mahoe, Lignam Vitae Green, Pink Ivory or Purple Heart for your next project.

Exotic Woods

Exotic Wood Species

“Wood is a natural product and no two pieces are exactly the same.The colors pictured on our website may vary to actual colors you will receive.In addition to color variations, individual pieces of lumber will exhibit a wide range of knots, holes and grain pattern.”

We offer custom mouldings, decking, Exotic wood flooring and millwork products in the following exotic wood species. Our website only shows a sampling of available exotic wood species. Please contact us if you don’t see what you require.