Now Introducing: The “Friendly Wall”

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Now Introducing: The “Friendly Wall”

finium-friendlywallA growing trend in home décor is incorporating eco-friendly concepts into new homes and home remodels. Working with wood and reclaimed lumber on a daily basis, the Capital City Millwork team is dedicated to this concept and love to “go green!” That’s why we are excited to incorporate our new product, Friendly Wall, into our wide selection of custom millwork and lumber options for the home.

The concept of the Friendly Wall is to add a warm contemporary look to a room using panels covered with pieces of solid hardwoods as a wall cover. The hardwoods used in the “Friendly Wall” design may consist of one solid species or mixture of birch, cherry, walnut, oak and other woods, to add color, texture and dimension to walls.

The name “Friendly Wall” comes from the eco-friendly fact that the hardwood pieces come from hardwood flooring scraps and the ease of installation of these great looking wall panels. There is also an option to use reclaimed wood for an even greater eco-friendly option, plus it adds a big piece of history to the room.

The Friendly Wall offers a versatile element of design that can fit with any decorating style. With so many styles, colors, textures and patterns of wood grain to choose from, it makes designing the space unique to each person, and that’s our favorite part about it all. Combine light natural tones with grey soft tones for an old-world rustic look, or combine rich cherry and walnut for an urban contemporary look.

The Friendly Wall panels are easy to install and can be completed within just a few hours. Most panels are hung horizontally, and varying widths and depths of the panels create a contemporary abstract focal point.

See the Friendly Wall at Capital City Millwork when you visit our Showroom and get ideas for your own Friendly Wall.

Contact us for more information about Friendly Wall or to talk to an expert to install Friendly Wall.


August 26th, 2014|