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New at Capital City Millwork: Secret Doors

We have all seen them in old movies – bookcases that lead to secret rooms. Well, our team at Capital City Millwork is excited to say that we can make those childhood dreams come true. We are now offering “Secret Doors” to our list of featured products.

Our moving bookcase doors are both an exciting addition to boring closet or basement doors, as well as a practical one, as they add space for additional storage. The Secret Doors are ideal for bedroom closets, kitchen pantries, hidden closets, laundry rooms, and home offices, among other things. They come in two forms of functionality: recessed doors or freestanding doors. Recessed doors are placed slightly into an opening and won’t stick too far out from the wall. Freestanding doors are used to cover an opening, and the Secret Door sits flush against the wall. Best of all, the Secret Doors do not have doorknobs or any type of hardware that might give the “secret” away. The metal tracking at the top of the door allows the door to move open and closed with the push of a hand.

All Secret Doors can be customized to a specific height and width. They also come in one, two, or three panel units depending on the width of the opening that is being covered. Secret Doors can be either out-swing or in-swing doors, which describes the way the Secret Door will open into the area by either pulling or pushing.

Secret Doors are an ideal way to increase storage and decrease clutter in the home. With various options to choose from, there are styles to fit any type of home décor. Different storage options allow customization of the Secret Doors to personal taste. For example, whether you want the top half open shelf space and the bottom half enclosed with cabinetry, or entirely book shelf space, the styles are endless. Another customization option includes wood type and color. For a more traditional feel, we recommend using white shelving and cabinetry. For a more modern twist, try a dark cherry.

Love the concept, but need more ideas? Check out our “Secret Door” Pinterest Board. 

For more information about Secret Doors at Capital City Millwork or to speak with an expert about designing your Secret Door, contact us.

August 19th, 2014|