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Capital City Millwork Featured in Westerville365

Capital City Millwork was recently featured in Westerville365 2015 fall edition. It was written by Steph Greegor, and photos are provided by Chris Parker.

The full article can be found at:    (Pages 29-33)

Westerville365 recently published an article on Capital City Millwork. In the article, Craig Tuckerman, owner of Tuckerman Home Group and long time customer of Capital City Millwork, speaks highly of the business owner, Jim Gundling. “Trust, convenience and friendliness” are the key words in Tuckerman’s description of Jim Gundling and his company. He says that not only does he feel that he is part of Gundling’s team, but that he is part of the family because of their exceptional customer service. Tuckerman talks about how he appreciates that Capital City Millwork is always looking for the next big thing, and is able to use that to get a competitive edge when it comes to his home building business.

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Capital City Millwork, located in Westerville, provides products to a large group of clients, and they all have positive things to say about Gundling and his company. Clients Michele and Steve Snowball were also interviewed in the article and explain how they heard about Capital City Millwork through word of mouth. They found that their genuine customer service experience as well as a unique selection of products made Capital City Millwork an easy choice for them.

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Our 63,000-square-foot warehouse includes a large selection of lumber.

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We sell a variety of inter and exterior hardware.











The article also discusses the challenges that Jim Gundling overcame during The Great Recession. Although he was forced to change his business model, he found that by keeping his business to custom work, he was able to stay afloat until the economic times improved. After the Recession ended, he was able to expand his customer base as the economic times improved. Now he supplies to high-end builders, renovators, remodelers, individual homeowners as well as multifamily and student housing developers. Since 2009, Gundling’s business has seen more than 30 percent growth each year. He goes on to explain that this rapid growth can be attributed to having well-trained employees that know the products well, providing the customers with the best customer service available and offering competitive pricing. Capital City Millwork now has the largest inventory in Ohio with a 63,000 square foot warehouse, and 4,000 square foot showroom.

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