9 Amazing Wood Slab Dining Tables

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9 Amazing Wood Slab Dining Tables

Wood slab dining tables are a beautiful way to add character to your home. Here are 9 amazing wood dining slab tables all with featuring different wood species and types.

1. Walnut wood Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that ranges from chocolate brown, when it’s from the center of the tree or yellow, from the outer portion of the tree. A top pick for headboards, ornate antique- style dining tables, and mantels, walnut is typically clear-coated or oiled to bring out its color.

2. Ash Wood Ash is a heavy hardwood with an active wood grain with an excellent light wood color. It is smooth and soft wood surface. It looks perfect in study shone above. Giving it a sophisticated look.

3. Curly Mango Wood Curly Mango wood can be a kaleidoscope of colors. Under normal circumstances, the heartwood is a golden brown, while other colors such as yellow and streaks of pink and/or black can also occur. Grain can be straight or interlocked. With a medium to coarse texture and good natural luster.

4. Bubinga Slab The table top is one solid piece of bubinga wood with sap wood on the edge. The color and wood grain is amazing. The bubinga table was designed to give the illusion when the chairs are around the table, it looks like the table is standing on the center leg alone!

5. Sycamore & Pin Oak Pin Oak It is very durable and often cut in a way that makes it resistant to warping. Because of its visible wavy grain, it has a distinctive look. A clear finish nicely highlights the grain. Sycamore, similar to maple, the wood of Sycamore trees is predominantly comprised of the sapwood, with some darker heartwood streaks. Sycamore also has very distinct ray flecks presents on the surface, giving it a freckled appearance.

6. Cherry Wood Cherry is a hardwood with a fine, straight grain that ranges from reddish brown to blond. It is often used for carved chairs but also shows up in clean-lined dining room tables and cabinets.

7. Willow Willow is an extremely lightweight soft wood with the heartwood being a reddish or grayish brown, sometimes with darker streaks. The sapwood is white to tan, and isn’t always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood. Willow usually has an interlocked or irregular grain with a medium to fine uniform texture.

8. Walnut Wood is a strong and stable wood that allows for intricate and complex carvings. The color and shading are beautiful. It is almost a pity to put a stain on it at all. More often than not we just use a clear coat finish on the wood.

10. 9. Hackberry Slab Hackberry wood is a light brown to gray color. The grain is usually always straight, but sometimes can be slightly interlocked, with a very coarse uneven texture. Hackberry is a very durable wood and used mostly for kitchen furniture, including tables, chairs, and cabinets

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