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7 Places to Add Sliding Barn Doors

March 30th, 2016|

7 Places to Add Sliding Barn Doors Sliding barn doors provide a rustic charm that many homeowners desire. These popular items add a ton of character and they are practical as well. If you’re in need of sliding barn door inspiration, these 7 unique uses for barn doors should do the trick.   Pantries – One of the most common uses of sliding barn doors is for pantries. Sliding barn doors provide easy access to the pantry and also add a rustic feel to the kitchen. The beauty of adding sliding barn doors to your pantry is that you can just [...]

2016 Interior Design Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

March 4th, 2016|

Like fashion and art, there are new trends in interior design every year. Styles that were once popular are revived with a modern twist and it gives life to a brand new style. One of the hottest interior design styles is a product that has seen the aforementioned revival: sliding barn doors. The original purpose of sliding doors on barns was to allow farmers to open the doors to the barn without letting in a rush of cold air. This design was an improvement over doors that swung open and thus became the standard design of barn doors. As the [...]