2016 Interior Design Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

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2016 Interior Design Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

Like fashion and art, there are new trends in interior design every year. Styles that were once popular are revived with a modern twist and it gives life to a brand new style. One of the hottest interior design styles is a product that has seen the aforementioned revival: sliding barn doors.

The original purpose of sliding doors on barns was to allow farmers to open the doors to the barn without letting in a rush of cold air. This design was an improvement over doors that swung open and thus became the standard design of barn doors.

As the farming industry declined, the need for barns decreased and many barns were left abandoned as they had no use. In an effort to reduce the number of new trees that are cut down to produce lumber, people started to find ways to use the reclaimed wood from old barns in residential homes. Reclaimed wood flooring is a popular example of one such use. It became a trend to incorporate rustic interior design styles from barns into homes.

Now, this interior design trend has extended to doors. Sliding doors have seen a spike in popularity this past year. Typically used for pantries and interior doors, sliding doors are becoming more commonplace in American homes.

Like interior doors that swing open, there are three main looks: rustic, contemporary and mixed. The only difference between sliding doors and swing doors is the sliding track along the top frame of the door that allows the door to slide open rather than swing open.

The rustic look is similar to traditional sliding barn doors and can even be reclaimed doors from an actual barn. Rustic style sliding barn doors are popular in traditional homes, but they can also work well in contemporary homes that feature other rustic elements.

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Contemporary design usually features a modern style door used on a sliding track. This style would feel out of place in purely traditional homes, but it can work well in many homes if there are other contemporary elements.

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The third style is mixed and, as its name suggests, it is a cross between contemporary and rustic styles. Often a mixed look is created when a traditionally rustic style door is given contemporary attributes. Contemporary attributes could include the pain, finish or other elements that distinguish the door from classic, rustic styles.

mix of contemporary and traditional sliding barnwood doors columbus ohio capital city millwork

No matter what style you choose, sliding barn doors will add an aesthetic to your home that is undeniably beautiful and elegant. It all comes down to finding the perfect fit. At Capital City Millwork, we want you to find the perfect sliding doors for your home. Visit our showroom or contact us online and we’ll be happy to show you the choices we have

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